How I found a balance

Recently I saw a deep sea photo of the fish in social media post. It has wide open mouth and many teeth. This brought a memories of the event early in my life.

Once in primary school on the art class I painted a large fish with big teeth. My art teacher got so exited and took painting to exhibit. I never saw painting. It felt sad but I forgot about all that for a long time.

It will be a decade after I got in love with mechanics but at same time obsessed with everything digital. It was not hard to find a balance for me personally but to join the direction where everything around me was going to. My free time I explored art.

One day I found myself spending my student summers in the factory with CNC machines and another in editor office of computer magazine Byte while applying on Art Academy. In the mean time I was professionally touching ground with apparel, enjoying my walkman, photographing the world and exploring minimalism as expression.

I co-found my first office / studio and became professional offering services. It is never easy. Being part of the nature recharged my batteries.

Productivity skyrocket in our graphic design / DTP studio. We were pumping up books like crazy and I was loosing it. In our region we took the opportunity and started pioneering large format digital printing, indoors & outdoors. Exhibitions, events and I get lost my other side, I became a digital junkie. My health was damaged. Sadness.

My better half helped to reorganize this mess and reinstate a balance. It was fresh start and reset replacing walkman for a camera and adding iPod. Tech helped to downsized a clutter. It was easier to make music and every device become ‘something multi’.

I am more focused on artistic element in my creations again. It helps to look the world around us – the nature. Does syncing ourselves means balancing at same time?

Some of my work through span of 30 years somehow being connected with children. Aren’t we all a just kids?

Challenges making me more passionate. I am oriented to details.